NixOS 18.09 Release Jellyfish

NixOS 18.09 Release Jellyfish

Linux Distribution

NixOS 18.09 In addition to numerous new and upgraded packages, this release has the following notable updates:

NixOS 18.09 Release Jellyfish

NixOS 18.09

  • End of support is planned for end of April 2019, handing over to 19.03.
  • Platform support: x86_64-linux and x86_64-darwin as always. Support for aarch64-linux is as with the previous releases, not equivalent to the x86-64-linux release, but with efforts to reach parity.
  • Nix has been updated to 2.1; see its release notes.
  • Core versions: linux: 4.14 LTS (unchanged), glibc: 2.26 → 2.27, gcc: 7 (unchanged), systemd: 237 → 239.
  • Desktop version changes: gnome: 3.26 → 3.28, (KDE) plasma-desktop: 5.12 → 5.13.

Notable changes and additions for 18.09 include:

  • Support for wrapping binaries using firejail has been added through programs.firejail.wrappedBinaries.


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