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Mars or Die! has undergone a major overhaul, releasing today. New Alien units, defensive structures, an entire new Campaign, revised game mechanics and a new Hardcore game mode are some of the features involved in this major update which, 34BigThings promises, will make the game better in every way.


“This patch upgrades and expands all the work we have done on Mars or Die!”  says Valerio Di Donato, CEO of 34BigThings. “We were all downhearted with the project’s negative reception. The team morale was very low, but we managed to turn this into positive energy, and went back to the drawing board to conceive new ways to improve Mars or Die!, and I think we have succeeded”.

“Our first goal was to improve the strategic depth of the product” continues Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, Game Designer. “We streamlined some clunky mechanics such as building and upgrading, introduced new elements such as single-turret upgrades, new long-range and short-range defensive options, a new underground ambient, and of course, tons of bigger and badder enemies! We are satisfied with the end result and we hope players will be too”.

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