Gismart's 'Piano Crush' officially out now on iOS and Android devices

Gismart’s ‘Piano Crush’ officially out now on iOS and Android devices

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Piano Crush is a brand new casual piano game that was inspired by one of the most successful Gismart titles with over 100 million downloads – ‘Piano’ by Gismart. Piano Crush is a piano rhythm game that allows users to play songs on a digital piano keyboard instantly using traditional piano sounds, various musical instruments, animal world sounds and a number of other unconventional sounds too. Aside from offering fun and entertainment to the user, the game also allows you to develop a better sense of rhythm.

Gismart's 'Piano Crush' officially out now on iOS and Android devices

Piano Crush has a familiar rhythm game mechanics and lets users sound like a piano genius right away. There is a large catalog of well-known compositions to play from Happy Birthday tune to classical compositions written by Mozart and Beethoven to timeless traditional songs. To add extra fun players can switch from grand piano sound to 50 other cool sounds including accordion, organ, pizzicato, electric guitar, Christmas bells, music box and even singing cat!

“Piano Crush is the latest addition to our music entertainment products. The game closely simulates a piano playing experience and has an additional fun factor with a library of fun sounds. We hope players will enjoy playing the best of classical repertoire using “kids’ choir” piano sounds and we fully welcome players’ suggestions about new sounds they’d like to see in the game! We’ve had a very successful pre-order stage and our plan now is to fully focus on the game’s growth.” – Eugene Krylov, Product Manager at Gismart

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