Developers Prepare For Descent Testing

Developers Prepare For Descent Testing

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Descent franchise, announced plans to test the game with players before its scheduled retail release in 2019. Descendent “went dark” last fall to focus on completing an expanded single-player campaign with funding from Little Orbit, which also stepped in to save the Unsung StoryKickstarter project.

Players who purchased Descent: Underground during Descendent Studios’ Kickstarter campaign or Early Access will be able to participate in playtests starting in October or November, depending on their backer level. Additional information is available at Descendent’s website.

“We began this journey in open development with gamers, and we want to launch that way too,” said Eric Peterson, CEO of Descendent Studios. “Once Little Orbit joined in, it allowed us to build an even bigger single-player campaign and enhance the entire experience. Together we will bring the wonder of Descent to a new generation and we are grateful to everyone who has made that possible.”

In Descendent’s reimagining of the innovative and award-winning Descentfranchise, players fight through twisting tunnels and vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. Enhancements to the classic formula include deeper storytelling and richer puzzles, ship classes with tech trees, modern multiplayer, and online cooperative play. Gamers can watch the all-new gameplay teaser and campaign story traileron the official Little Orbit YouTube channel.

Gamers who did not pick up Descent: Underground in Early Access can still get the pre-order version of Descent® on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux PCs at
Pre-order benefits include:

  • PC Beta access starting in November!
  • A custom version of the Generation III “Viola” ship w/ exclusive paint job!
  • Special PC Beta challenges to unlock exclusive pre-season cosmetic rewards!
  • FREE Multipass upgrade for multiplayer seasons 1 & 2 to unlock even more cosmetics through additional gameplay challenges!
  • FREE “Secret Missions” DLC with additional single-player missions, landing later in 2019!


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