The One We Found, unleashed on Halloween.

The One We Found, unleashed on Halloween.

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 The One We Found is heading to the Xbox One family of devices and PC (Steam) this Halloween, Wednesday 31st October.

The One We Found, unleashed on Halloween.

Whisperwood mental institute will only be the beginning of your nightmare, with multiple life threatening and mysterious locations, you’ll encounter far more than the walls of the Asylum.

New screenshots have emerged and your wits will only cower from the ongoing terror when faced with deep, intriguing puzzles. 
You might be able to find a few bullets but that’s not always going to save you from the dynamic enemies who will hunt and pursue every nearby threat.

With a thrilling story packed with suspense and unexpected twists, you can be sure for a shocking treat this Halloween, but will you survive the night?
Survival mode brings wave-based gameplay in familiar locations where you’ll need to fight to survive. Build up your resources, to unlock new weapons and areas.  If you can stay alive long enough, you might start to unravel the many secrets of Whisperwood.

Early reception of the forthcoming survival-horror adventure has been fantastic and developer Loveridge designs are hard at work on enhanced textures and 4K assets ahead of release on the 31st October 2018.
Josh "TKO" Turner, The Tattooed Savior of AMD’s The Walking Deadseries has endorsed the new breed of horror that’s lurking just around the corner. With gamers, press, influencers and content creators eagerly awaiting news of when they’ll be able to get their blood-stained hands on “The One We Found” later this month.


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The One We Found, unleashed on Halloween. 5

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