War Field the world's first blockchain shooter game

War Field the world’s first blockchain shooter game

Cryptocurrency Blockchain

War Field Two incredibly popular technologies — video games and cryptocurrency — brought together to create even greater value for gamers: the ability to monetise gameplay. To make it both more exciting and profitable for every person who has the skills.

The Game
War Field the world's first first-person shooter game to use real cryptocurrency to fuel its economy, the ERC20-compliant GLDR is designed to be a gaming cryptocurrency that can be used to power the internal economies of other games.

The War Field game is not a project or a concept. It’s already a fully-functional alfa version online game with all the necessary features to provide quality gameplay.Jump right into the action. No installation or configuration is required!The game can be found and played at:www.WARFIELD.com The WAR FIELD game is available to try for free. No installation is required. It is a great way to explore the vibrant gameplay environment and to find out how engaging gameplay for crypto can be.

There's another new Battleground coming very soon called "GHOST TOWN". It's part of a new desktop version of WAR FIELD that will blow you away with graphics and an intricate landscape like you've never seen.

That GHOST TOWN is the town of Golder Springs – once an oasis of calm...before the wells dried up, that is.

Since then, it’s been nothing but a shady place full of outlaws and gunslingers – some hiding out, some operating in plain sight...all of them here to cash in on the bounty on your head.

With a new user interface, ACHIEVEMENT bonuses and LEADERBOARD, and additional games in the pipeline like DIRT FIELD (a demolition derby) and TANK FIELD (the name says it all), we are poised to take the gaming world by storm with GOLDER GAMES' unique combination of great gaming content and the opportunity to make money while playing them!

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