Get abducted by aliens while sitting on the toilet in VR Flush!

Get abducted by aliens while sitting on the toilet in VR Flush!

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VR Flush is a short and humorous VR experience which was designed to introduce new players to the world of Virtual Reality.

Get abducted by aliens while sitting on the toilet in VR Flush!

layers find themselves in the every day situation of sitting on a toilet. While trying to locate the most important item in this situation – toilet paper – they are suddenly teleported to a spaceship in low earth orbit. There they have to prove to an alien A.I. that they really are an intelligent life form.
The game focuses on telling an entertaining story featuring a flying robot who hates his job and an evil A.I. looking for an excuse to terminate the player.

layers can interact with their environment through physics game play, using the virtual representations of their hands.
While this is a VR game, there is a non-VR desktop mode as well.
This is a free game. Anyone can download and play it.

This is a small DLC which adds two golden toilet brushes with several magic abilities to the game.
Its primarily aimed at players who liked VR Flush and want to support the developers.

“This royal artifact will strike fear into the hearts of you enemies and legitimate your claim to the throne!
According to legend, it rules even over gravity.”

Magic Toilet Brush[TM]…

  • …is just like an ordinary toilet brush… but MAGIC!
  • …charges other items with lightning and makes them float like in zero gravity!
  • …is the perfect weapon for every aspiring Jedi! (Especially for those who just can’t afford a light saber right now…)
  • …plays magical music…But only for those who know how to listen…
  • …is rumored to have hidden fireworks thrusters! Wait… If that’s thrue, does that mean it can fly?!! There has got to be a way to activate them!
  • …has an ultimate ability: Supports us and shows us, that you like the game!

Ready to be abducted into VR? Get the game for free on Steam!

If you enjoy it, you can also support the developers by buying the Magic Toilet Brush DLC:

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