Fandomfare gaming Catastronauts out now Catastronauts out now

Catastronauts out now

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Fandomfare gaming Catastronauts out now Catastronauts out now

Catastronauts is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.
Catastronauts is a hectic couch co-op game designed for 1-4 players that assume the role of an intergalactic space fleet battling to survive the enemies and elements of the outer reaches of space.

Guns need priming, fires need dousing and systems need repairing all while trying to cope with environmental hazards like malfunctioning doors and solar flares. Players will be running against the clock but must also give due consideration to not killing their own team mates!
Catastronauts is available now on PlayStation 4 (£11.49), Xbox One (£12.79) and Steam (£12.39), and will launch later this year on Nintendo Switch. Grab your friends and enlist today – an entire galaxy of misadventure awaits!
For more information please visit the official Catastronautswebsite, and follow Inertia Game Studios on Twitter and Facebook.




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