My Virtual Girlfriend AR is now available

My Virtual Girlfriend AR is now available

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 My Virtual Girlfriend AR, a dating simulation that game utilizes augmented reality through IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, allowing the player to date virtual girls in real life environments, bringing the dating simulation game genre to a whole new level.

My Virtual Girlfriend AR is now available

My Virtual Girlfriend AR is a dating simulation game available on IOS devices that support ARkit and features thousands of girls to choose from and date, Each with unique personalities and appearances.  The goal of the game is to charm your way into the heart of your virtual date and eventually, get her to fall in love with you. It combines both humor and light romance for a unique gaming experience.

“We wanted to bring the My Virtual Girlfriend series to the next level by incorporating Augmented Reality into it, and through the help of our new team member and AR specialist - Kristof Giber,  we were able to do just that." We hope to keep fans of the game happy by bringing them one step closer to reality, through augmented reality.  Said Mike Amerson, President of WET Productions.

â–º Augmented Reality (AR) gameplay
â–º 1000's of beautiful girls to choose from
â–º AR girls are adjustable in size, from tiny to giant!
â–º Interact - through emotes, actions, activities and touch
► Customize your girl. Change her face, hair, skin, clothes and more.
â–º 35+ levels of progressive game play
â–º Vampire and Zombie girlfriends
â–º Simulated personalities that can mimic funny female personalities
► Achievements and rewards 
â–º Special outfits - cosplay, and more!




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