Zero Killed Relase Date Change Press

Zero Killed Release Date Change Press

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Zero Killed closed beta tests showed one thing clearly: the game has huge potential to become one of the best tactical VR shooters out there and has one of the most dedicated communities willing to help the developers make that happen.

Zero Killed Relase Date Change Press

That’s why Ignibit studio has decided not only to continue working with gamers on the title, but also to give everybody a chance to try out the game and share their feedback. This means the game will move from closed beta to Steam Early Access on October 3rd this year with the new release date being set for November 30, 2018.

Before Early Access starts, you can still join the closed beta testing HERE and add the game to your Steam Wishlist ( so you don’t miss the news about Early Access starting.

The feedback we’ve received from gamers during the closed beta tests has been amazing,” says Sebastian “Sunbro” Kropiwnicki, the producer and community manager for Zero Killed. “The players told us what worked well and what needed polishing and we realized that we want to make this game with the community. So, it’s only natural to go for Steam Early Access.

We want to get the game in front of as many players as possible before its full release and we think that Early Access is our best way of achieving that. We don’t want to remain in EA forever though, and we’re targeting a release on the November 30, 2018,” says Maksymilian “themorfeus” Michalski, the game’s designer. “We think that’s more than enough time to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s,” Michalski adds.

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