elementary OS Juno Beta 2 Is Out

elementary OS Juno Beta 2 Is Out

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elementary OS Juno Beta 2 intended for our 3rd party developers and highly technical users. Developers need a pre-release in order to test and take advantage of new platform features and to publish their apps so that we don’t release with an empty store. We also invite highly technical users to test Beta in non-production environments to find major regressions and show-stopping issues.

elementary OS Juno Beta 2 Is Out

Since Beta1, we’ve fixed over 200 issues and gotten back up to over 50 apps in AppCenter built specifically for Juno.

elementary OS Juno Beta 2

For App Developers

If you have an app published in AppCenter for Loki or would like to publish an app for Juno, this pre-release is for you! During this Beta2 period we hope to see app developers get the rest of their apps ready to go, and we’re always standing by in Gitter and the Community Slack to help wherever we can.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you read about Houston CI and enable this for your repo. Houston CI builds and tests your app against Juno and will let you know about issues even if you’re not yet running the Beta.

Be sure to read our Updating Your Apps for Juno piece for everything you need to know about getting your app ready to debut alongside Juno’s stable release.

Gala & Greeter

We fixed a few issues around Gala, the Greeter, HiDPI, and related refinements during the beta2 cycle:

A new Gala Daemon provides better native GTK context menus for apps. This means that context menus scale properly on HiDPI, plus non-native apps with titlebars now also get a menu. Picture-in-picture mode also scales better on HiDPI now.

The login and lockscreen greeter is now more crisp on HiDPI. This is because we now have a simple compositor, which also provides things like shadows beneath the shutdown window and indicators. We also now use the same panel on the greeter as in the logged-in session, meaning indicators work more consistently, and you can scrub between them.



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