Esports Scotland celebrates Esports with BIG Fest 2018

Esports Scotland celebrates Esports with BIG Fest 2018

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Esports Scotland on the weekend of the 6th and 7th October 2018 for a weekend of Esports at the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh.

Esports Scotland celebrates Esports with BIG Fest 2018

Esports - competitive video gaming - is growing worldwide and rapidly becoming mainstream. Data from Statista[1] shows that there were 281 million viewers in 2016, a number of viewers that is predicted to grow above 580 million by 2020. However, Scotland has been missing a big celebration for its esports community. That’s why Esports Scotland is launching its first edition of BIG Fest, as an opportunity for people of all ages to come and play, watch or learn about the industry.
Esports Scotland invites the gaming community to a whole weekend of esports. The venue will have a variety of gaming areas, including a retro games section, and will hold host to several open signup tournaments and cosplay competitions.
The highlight of the weekend will be the finals of two major competitions:

  • The finals of the Scottish Esports League, the first national Scotland Esports competition. Players have been competing for a year to qualify to the finals. Across multiple games, the best players will compete live at the venue to be among the first to earn the title of Scottish Esports League champion.
  • The Overwatch Esports Scotland Cup Grand Finals, the official Blizzard Entertainment endorsed Overwatch tournament finals on Xbox One.

David Barrett, Esports Scotland’s Events Manager: ‘I've already seen how much this means to some of our competing players. BIG Fest is the start of Esports Scotland running events that have a meaningful impact to our players lives




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