Two New World Bosses Coming to Black Desert Online SEA

Two New World Bosses Coming to Black Desert Online SEA

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Adventurers can now take on two new world bosses in Black Desert Online SEA.

Two New World Bosses Coming to Black Desert Online SEA

The first is Muraka, the King of Ogres. His size alone makes it hard to inflict damage, but his ground sweep, jump attack and stomps will prolong the raid for quite some time. The same goes for Quint, the first Ancient Troll. Quint is virtually indestructible standing up and will wreak havoc on attackers with his massive tree weapon.

Adventures can take on the two new world bosses once a week on Saturdays at 8 pm (GMT+8) in Quint Hill and the western part of Mansha Forest. Successful quests will lead to plenty of Black Stone drops, and there’s also a chance of obtaining Hunter’s Seals, Mutant Enhancers and even a Dim Ogre Ring.

Aside from these boss drops, Adventurers can get in on various exclusive items during the Oasis Gift Event, open from September 20 to October 3 before maintenance. Just by logging in to the game, Adventurers can receive an Oasis Gift Box every hour, up to 3 times per day. Three Oasis Gift Boxes can then be exchanged for an Oasis Premium Gift Box containing rare items such as various weapon boxes, Black Magic Crystals and more.

In addition, there is now a Little Monster Box that Adventurers can purchase to get one of six random little monsters ranging from tiers 1 to 4. There’s more information about the Oasis Event and Little Monster Boxes here


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