Early Access Launch of ‘Range Royale’ on Steam

Early Access Launch of ‘Range Royale’ on Steam

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Range Royale, a new solo training game for competitive players looking to hone their skills in popular Battle Royale and other first person shooter games. Range Royale is now available for download in Early Access on Steam. For more information or to play visit https://rangeroyale.gg/.

Early Access Launch of ‘Range Royale’ on Steam

Designed by esports professionals, Range Royale offers players the ability to improve their in-game shooting skills in a robust, solo practice arena that includes a selection of common Battle Royale weapons and game modes. WithRange Royale, players can work their way to top-ranked proficiency before putting their skills to the ultimate test in their favorite Battle Royale title or other online shooters. Unlike some other trainers, Range Royale is focused on offering a highly tuned solo experience, so players can hone their skills independently before unleashing their improved abilities in front of competitors.

“We’ve already helped many thousands of gamers improve through our robust coaching platform at GamerSensei.com,” said Jim Drewry, CEO of Gamer Sensei. “Now we’ve added a unique training game with the release of Range Royale. We are thrilled to provide another way to help players win more in the games they love.”

This launch comes on the heels of Gamer Sensei’s recent partnership announcement with Hi-Rez Studios to expand its suite of games available for coaching on GamerSensei.com, as well as the company’s acquisition of LeagueCoaching.gg.




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