Do Not Feed the Monkeys Launched their Closed Beta

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Launched their Closed Beta

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Do Not Feed the Monkeys is an award-winning unique digital voyeur simulator that has officially launched out their closed beta access today. A full release on Steam PC is planned for early Q4.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Launched their Closed Beta

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is our most ambitious project to date, comments Alberto Oliván, Narrative Designer at Fictiorama Studios. “We have had total freedom when it comes to design the stories and the game’s mechanics and, as a result, the player will experience different situations and face different endings based on the decisions they take.”

A prospective member of the “Primate Observation Club,” can sign up to instantly receive the beta test here, after a confirmation email is returned:

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a “digital voyeur simulator” a story-driven title in which you invade the privacy of dozens of strangers while you witness their most intimate moments, trying to keep up with the rent payment and have enough money to buy some food from time to time… 

You’ll be the new member of the “Primate Observation Club,” which of course is not the wildlife conservation society that the name suggests. It’s a cover for a clandestine group that watches over people through surveillance cameras and unprotected webcams. Tired of living in a shabby apartment and having boring jobs, you have been accepted as part of this exclusive organization, so you’ll be able to spy on the “caged monkeys.”

The game, which has strong “pixel art” visual style, allows you to browse social networks, wikis, websites, newspapers, online stores and chat rooms, where you can collect information about the “monkeys” you’re spying on. The Club forbids you from interacting with those you observe (i.e., “feed the monkeys”

What to Expect While Playing?!

MONITOR hacked surveillance cameras
PRY INTO the lives of dozens of subjects
INTERACT (or not!) with fun, sad, horrific, surprising, dramatic, or sci-fi themed narratives
DECIDE THE FATE of the subjects: will you help them? Will you expose their most intimate secrets?
BROWSE social networks profiles, wikis, websites, newspapers, online stores… Use chat logs, email tools and more!
MANAGE your resources: will you spend all your savings on buying more “cages”, or will pay rent? Are – you healthy enough to work? How many sleepless nights can you stand before collapsing from exhaustion?
REPLAY to experience different climactic endings

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