Pirate Island Rescue released on Steam

Pirate Island Rescue released on Steam

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Pirate Island Rescue has been released on Steam, just in time to join in on the fun of International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Wednesday 19th of September 2018.

Pirate Island Rescue released on Steam

Pirate Island Rescue is a 2D action platform adventure where you rescue captives, defeat pirates and collect treasure before boarding ship to the next island. Players help swashbuckling stowaway Penelope save the day and defeat the dastardly pirate Captain Black Beard and his crew of scruffy ruffians.

Leaderboards have been added to the game based on fastest time to complete each island or the amount of treasure collected, so players can choose to run and jump as fast as they can to get to the next ship in the best time or use their pistol, bombs and cutlass to clear the island of pirates and free the captives to collect the most treasure.

The base price for the game is USD2.99 but is being launched with a 20% discount.

About the developer: Pirate Island Rescue is the second game for developers Bad Logic Studios, having released their first title Fortune & Gloria earlier this year. Bad Logic Studios is a solo indie developer who is branching out on their own after developing many games for other indie games companies over the past 10 years.

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