Bannermen Alpha Weekends Are Back!

Bannermen Alpha Weekends Are Back!

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Bannermen alpha tests! More than 1,000 players tested the medieval RTS game during the previous Alpha Weekends, and several streamers covered the game (e.g. Artosis and Nakamura).

Bannermen Alpha Weekends Are Back!

This time, the sessions will be held three weekends close to each other; Sep 29-30, Oct 13-14 and Oct 27-28. In between each session, based on the community feedback, the developers will adjust the unit balance and make smaller gameplay improvements.

“Our goal with these sessions is to test the newest features and come out with a fun and re-playable multiplayer gameplay”, Co-founder Accel Sjöström says.

And there are a lot of new features implemented. A new hero system with three playable heroes has been addded, new units and structures, updated pathfinding, and much more

To participate in the alpha sessions, one can join the Bannermen Discord channel and claim a Steam key there. It’s totally free and only takes a few seconds. If you already got a Bannermen key, you don’t have to apply again – the key will valid thoughout the alpha/beta period.  

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