XAYA Announces Public Sale is Live Exclusively on Liquid

XAYA Announces Public Sale is Live Exclusively on Liquid

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XAYA is the evolution of the 2013 Huntercoin experiment.  The network eliminates the issues such as cost, speed, and efficiency that inhibit and plague blockchain games hosted on Ethereum and other platforms. The result is the first and only comprehensive ecosystem that enables truly unrestrained online gaming that is costless, real-time, and infinitely scalable directly on the blockchain.

XAYA Announces Public Sale is Live Exclusively on Liquid

XAYA enables these possibilities through the use of several unique developments. Game channels act as a gamified modification of payment channels, such as Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, that enables the communication of thousands of game moves per second between any number of players simultaneously. Ephemeral timestamps act to automatically and unwaveringly ensure fair gameplay: cheating simply is not possible on the network. Atomic trading allows seamless exchange of all virtual assets and items between games, users, and for cryptocurrencies. Players can reliably and securely exchange their virtual wealth across games and for real-world profit.

The XAYA ecosystem is language agnostic. Developers can create their games with whatever language is most comfortable: Java, Python, and so on. Games are automatically published and propagated on the network at zero cost to the developers. Gameplay moderation also takes place on the network inherently. Developers are also exposed to new possibilities through emerging gameplay genres unique to the XAYA network: human mining and Decentralized Realities (DR). Human mining refers to games where players earn provably fair and scarce blockchain-based resources that carry intrinsic, real-world value. Decentralized Realities are limitless, autonomous virtual universes shaped and developed by the players who make it up (think Ready Player One’s OASIS).

Exclusivity on Liquid

Liquid is the evolution of the Quoinex and Qryptos cryptocurrency exchanges, whose combined daily volume exceeds US$200 million. Launched just earlier this week, Liquid is the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges. The main focus of the platform is to provide utmost liquidity, this is done through back-end processes similar to arbitrage that allows its users to execute any pair among listed currencies. Liquid accesses a composite of 17 major exchanges to access the most competitive prices possible, eliminating losses to margins among order books. Liquid also offers fiat trading, margin trading for its listed cryptocurrencies, lending, and much more.

Another core feature of Liquid is its Market, which allows for secure and, of course, liquid orchestration of Generation Events. XAYA is the first sale to take place on Liquid. Beyond this, XAYA will be the only one hosted through Liquid for the first week of the sale. In its first days, Liquid already ranks among the top cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, and XAYA’s Market exclusivity means the sale will see major exposure among the massive network of traders on the platform.

Sale Information

Approximately 115 million CHI will be available for the main sale, at a base rate of 0.00002 BTC per CHI (the first 4 million will carry a 15% bonus). At current Bitcoin rates, this equates to roughly US$10 million. Purchases can be made in BTC, BCH, ETH, or QASH. Approximately US$3 million worth of CHI has been sold in public and private sales prior to the main sale.


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