Tuk Tuk Trials coming to mobile next week

Tuk Tuk Trials coming to mobile next week

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Tuk Tuk Trials – an elegant high octane adventure involving modified Tuk Tuks with monster tyres and spring-tastic suspension allowing high speeds, huge jumps, and perfect landings, coming to App Stores on Thursday 20th September 2018.

Tuk Tuk Trials coming to mobile next week

With an intuitive ‘tap anywhere’ control mechanism, the game features a series of 80 campaign levels, an open-ended challenge mode, as well as a novel ‘seed’ system enabling players to tackle randomised open-ended challenges, and then share their ‘seed code’ with friends so they can try to beat the score of an identically generated level. 

The game is free to play, with just a single In-App Purchase to enable players to opt to remove in-game adverts.

The game idea came about when Usman Salim of developer Liontech had a burning desire to create a stunt based game using a vehicle perceived to be as slow and fragile as a Tuk Tuk, but with bouncy suspension and monster tyres to immediately give the game a humour and appeal that everyone loved.

The game has a simple yet elegant and effective visual style achieved through a minimalistic design approach that was still colourful and easy on the eye.

Taking inspiration from Minecraft the game has the ability to generate levels based on random number seeds – enabling players to challenging their friends to exactly the same level that was randomly generated so they can try for a better score.

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