Stone Arena Has Launched Globally

Stone Arena Has Launched Globally

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 Stone Arena. Developed by Gametopia on Google Play and the App Store globally, Stone Arena will give players all around the world a legit RTS gaming experience on smart devices. The 3v3 brawler embraces user-friendly design as well as hard-core gameplay and strategy. Players can choose their favorite heroes and select from a variety of units to create different formidable lineups.

Stone Arena Has Launched Globally

8 Heroes, Infinite Strategies
At the early stage of the game, players will need to choose one of the two heroes: Battlefield Master, Wolfric or Defense Master, Max. Of course, players can unlock even more heroes later. Players can synergize these heroes with various units and create an array of lineups with infinite strategies!

[Image1] Which hero will you choose?

[Type] Battlefield Master
1. Significantly improves damage inflicted, moving speed and attack speed.
2. Increases Infantry units summoning range.
3. Increases Infantry units’ ASPD and MSPD.

[Image2] The battlefield is under my control! - Wolfric

[Type] Defense Master
1. Deals damage to nearby units.
2. Increases the Max HP of the ally fort.
3. Significantly increases damage to enemy Siege units.

[Image3] I’m big. And big don’t lie. - Max

[Type] Spell Master
1. Improves the next spell’s effect.
2. Increases Spell range.
3. Decreases the Amber cost required for casting Spells.

[Image4] I just recently hit puberty. – Saaluman (118 years old)

[Type] Constructions Master
1. Decreases damage received by ally Constructions.
2. Increases Constructions summoning range.
3. Decreases the Amber cost required for summoning Constructions.

[Image5] Plants are all I care about! - Diego

[Type] Shadow Assassin
1. Enters Stealth status and increases MSPD. Renders nearby enemies disoriented when exiting Stealth status.
2. Significantly increases damage to enemy heroes.
3. Decreases the Amber cost required for summoning Dino units.

[Image6] Hmph, you should have watched your back. - Evie

[Type] Beast Master
1. Momentarily enters Invincible status and taunts enemies while restoring HP.
2. Increases Beasts units’ follow duration.
3. Decreases the Amber cost required for summoning Beast units.

[Image7] Grant me power, beasts! - Leo

[Type] Siege Master
1. Increases ally Siege units’ ASPD and MSPD and reduces the damage received by them.
2. Significantly increases damage to Constructions.
3. Decreases the Amber cost required for summoning Siege units.

[Image8] System overload!!! - Tina

Various Ways to Augment Your Army
In Stone Arena, there are multiple ways to obtain chests that contain Koinz and various units. Wanna build a mighty army and develop different strategies? Participate in Ranked/Non-ranked Matches, Adventure, and all sorts of events to obtain more chests!

[Image9] Looking for me ? There are multiple ways to find me ! - Legendary Chest


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