SportsCastr Expands to MMA with Exclusive Friday Night Fights Streaming Deal

SportsCastr Expands to MMA with Exclusive Friday Night Fights Streaming Deal

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SportsCastr the social live-streaming platform that lets anyone in the world become a color commentator, today announced an official partnership with Friday Night Fights, North America’s longest-running Muay Thai series. Through this partnership, SportsCastr will deliver free and pay-per-view Friday Night Fights globally, allowing MMA’s 260 million fans to access or provide live color commentary through SportsCastr.

SportsCastr Expands to MMA with Exclusive Friday Night Fights Streaming Deal

To launch the partnership, SportsCastrwill provide an exclusive stream of the first half of the Friday Night Fights match on Sept. 14, 2018, with the second half available on UFC Fight Pass. SportsCastr’s free segment will be streamed at 9 pm EST on or via the company’s iPhone app.

Justin Blair, Friday Night Fights CEO stated,

“Friday Night Fights is the longest running full-contact sports event series in the region. By partnering withSportsCastr, we’re able to deliver a new and innovative viewing experience to our fans that can’t be found anywhere else.”

FanChain and SportsCastr Platform

SportsCastr differentiates itself from existing OTT platforms by allowing viewers to customize their commentary or share reactions in real-time, completely synchronized with the fight-action. In June,SportsCastr announced FanChain, a cryptocurrency developed for the multi-billion-dollar global sports market.

FanChain will allow SportsCastrusers to earn tokens for participating on the platform, and those tokens can then be used to unlock pay-per-view Friday Night Fight events, tip broadcasters and moreSportsCastr is the first platform to support FanChain, and the company is working with teams, media publishers and leagues to add FanChain support, with the aim of making it the ubiquitous token within the sports industry.

Andrew Schupak, CFO and Head of Strategy at SportsCastr said,

“MMA continues to experience extraordinary growth. By partnering with Friday Night Fights, we aim to bring the series to a new global audience, within a social viewing experience that’s in alignment with how fans want to watch the match.”

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA), through its athlete-driven accelerator the OneTeam Collective, recently acquired a minority stake in the company, makingSportsCastr an officially licensed NFLPA platform. Last week, SportsCastralso announced an official partnership with the WNBA Players Association (WNBPA).

Kevin April, SportsCastr CEO commented,

“Fight commentary is currently homogenized and domestically-focussed. SportsCastrmakes it possible for viewers to personalize their experience to receive commentary from other fans, fighters, and analysts; regardless of language, gender, location or vantage point.”

Interested viewers can visit to view the September 14 fight and to sign up to be notified of future events. Co-headliners that will be streamed on SportsCastrinclude Maldonado vs. Mercado and Kamara vs. Sweda.

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