IKINEMA Demos at Tokyo Game Show

IKINEMA Demos at Tokyo Game Show

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IKINEMAthe world leader in real-time whole body solving animation technologies, announce today their attendance for the second year at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 in September.

IKINEMA Demos at Tokyo Game Show

Showcasing IKINEMA RunTime, the company’s sought after animation middleware is integrated by top game studios to achieve high fidelity organic animation and empower their teams with smarter processes, plus accelerated development time to deliver more engaging games, demanded by players today. Prominent clients include Capcom, Microsoft Studios, NCSOFT, Snail Games, Softstar Entertainment, Square Enix, Sumo Digital, and Supermassive Games.

Driving continuous improvements, the RunTime middleware has seen recent advancements to bring a fully generic system and easier workflows, boosting speed and driving down cost for developers of Unreal Engine, custom game engines, and now for the highly popular Unity game engine.

Ahmed Elhasairi, IKINEMA Technical Director, “RunTime has been hugely successful for studios who create games in Unreal Engine – by opening the door to those who create using Unity as well as accessible to custom game engines will mean every developer can enjoy the same advantages that RunTime offers. With RT middleware in animation pipelines, it lightens the effort and workload for artists and developers – ultimately reducing heavy costs to studio budgets, because production timeframes become faster and streamlined with exceptional realism for character motion and response to world environments in gameplay.
IKINEMA invites all game developers to visit their booth for live demonstrations and one-to-one meetings.

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