Marble Legends 3D Arcade  on iOS and Android 5

Marble Legends 3D Arcade on iOS and Android

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Marble Legends™ 3D Arcade is now available worldwide as a free download on mobile platforms for smartphones and tablets in a brand new improved version including following enhancements:
– Play without the need to create an account! 
– Play immediately after installing the game, no more waiting! (No more secondary level loading!)
– Enjoy an ad-free experience: No need to watch mandatory advertising!
– Choose to watch ads in exchange of important Marblecoins rewards!
– Make your Marble collection grow faster with a new optimized Factory mode!

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Free Download:
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The game has been developed by UNTREF Media, an experienced team based in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

We wanted to allow the player to recover all the magic of the classic marble game we all played in our childhood playground.

Main game mode is single player mode where you can discover 130+ levels in various environments across 7 different pack.

In addition of these, we will release special events like a Halloween pack.
The player will have to go through various challenges where he will have to  Hole the Marble with limited shots or limited time or kick other Marbles out circles.

He will be rewarded winning Marblecoins and Marbliums that will allow him to unlock new levels but also to buy new set of Marbles and increase is own collection.

Marble Legends 3D Arcade includes 200+ marble designs to collect, from common ones to Champion, Platinum and Legendary Marbles.

Of course we included a Multiplayer mode (Async) where you can challenge your friends or any other players in various selected arenas and win their Marbles to expand your collection.

We also included a Factory mode that allow the player to build unique Marbles and a Trade system allowing to sell or exchange your Marbles to complete your collection.

The game is free-to-play and monetized primarily through rewarded video ads: watch a video to earn free Marblecoins or continue your game. None of this is mandatory though, the whole game can be played entirely for free.




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Marble Legends 3D Arcade  on iOS and Android 7

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