Q4OS 2.6 Scorpion, stable

Q4OS 2.6 Scorpion, stable

Linux Distribution

Q4OS 2 Scorpion stable LTS is immediately available for download. The new 2.6 release is based on and upgrades to the latest stable versions of the Trinity R14.0.5 desktop and Debian 9.5 Stretch projects. Q4OS specific fixes and patches are revised and provided as well. All the updates are immediately available for existing Q4OS users from the regular Q4OS repositories. You can download installation media images from the Downloads section of the Q4OS website.

Q4OS 2.6 Scorpion, stable

Q4OS Scorpion LTS release supported for 5 years is based on Debian 9 Stretch featuring the Trinity 14.0.5 and KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS desktop environments, it's available for 64bit/x64 and 32bit/i686pae computers as well as i386 systems without PAE extension. ARM 64bit/arm64 and 32bit/armhf ports are provided as well. Q4OS offers its own exclusive utilities and features, specifically the 'Desktop profiler' application for profiling your computer into different professional working tools, 'Setup' utility for smooth installation of third-party applications, a 'Welcome Screen' with several integrated shortcuts to make system configuration easier for novice users, LXQT, XFCE, Cinnamon and LXDE alternative environments installation options and many more.


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