Grandpa and the Zombies arrives on Switch

Grandpa and the Zombies arrives on Switch

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Grandpa and the Zombies, which has already inspired a lot of fans on iOS and Android, arrives on Nintendo Switch on September 12th, German games publisher and developer Tivola announced today. From next Wednesday, the funky, comic-style puzzle game will be available for download in a revised version from the Nintendo Game Store for EUR 7.99. Since its first release in 2014 as a mobile game, Grandpa and the Zombies has become extremely popular. It not only makes you laugh, but also challenges players continuously with new logic riddles. 

Grandpa and the Zombies arrives on Switch

We are certain that Grandpa and the Zombies is perfect for Switch. The game not only captivates players continuously, it is also fun to watch,” says Tivola CEO Hendrik Peeters. He adds: “We are not overly focused on technical finesse, our primary focus is content. We make games for the whole family which are entertaining and easy to understand. Nintendo and Tivola are a good match in that regard.”

The plot of Grandpa and the Zombies is as simple as it is thrilling, and it's no coincidence that zombie fans will be reminded of familiar forerunners such as 28 Days later or The Walking Dead. When Grandpa Willy wakes up in hospital with a broken leg, he quickly realizes that the zombie apocalypse is here. In his wheelchair he has to escape the angry undead who are after his brains.

Using a cool head, vision and logic, players navigate Grandpa Willy through 120 challenging levels to reach the saving elevator each time. But beware: Grandpa's wheelchair brake does not work so players have to think carefully about how to avoid all obstacles, traps and other dangers, while collecting the delicious candies Grandpa loves so much. After all, he needs them to get as far as possible. In addition, the craziest zombies lurk everywhere. Some have special qualities that may occasionally be useful to Grandpa.

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