Gamma Games Interactive’s Vegetaball

Gamma Games Interactive’s Vegetaball

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Gamma Games Interactive Inc. is excited to release their debut title Vegetaball. Players assume first-person control of a psychic vegetable athlete that’s ready to show off some skills in the grand arena dubbed the Vegedome. The goal is simple: get the ball into the other team’s hoop, but it’s not going to be easy. Gamma Games Interactive Inc. were the winners of the second Chilliwack Start-up Hackathon earlier this year.

Gamma Games Interactive’s Vegetaball

Psychic powers, vegetables, and sports meet for the first time in Vegetaball! Jump into the world of Veggie Sports, where regular everyday vegetables gain psychic abilities, and pump it up in the VEGEDOME! Team up with friends in full-contact physics-based competitive online sports arena. Choose your favorite veggie and master the psychic-arts to jump, dash, shoot and dodge your way to victory! Build a group of veggie superstars to play together, or test your skills in a duel.

Vegetaball’s Features:

Choose from 11 playable vegetable characters: Choose from a variety of 11 unique psychic vegetable athletes ranging from crying onions to baked potatoes.

Master Psychic Powers: Become a Vegetaball champion, and use your psy powers to dominate the court. Use your mind to jump, dash, hit, shoot and score your way to victory. Psy-KICK power drank misters will recharge your psy, and keep you energized for the whole game.

6 Challenging Courts: Keep it fresh and switch between 6 challenging courts. Flash through “The H” or dominate the Warehouse. Play on a team, or find the ultimate opponent in a duel. Relax with friends in the Sauna before the game.


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