Touchhour Inc., creators of upcoming PvP RPG 9Lives Arena

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Touchhour Inc.,. creators of upcoming PvP RPG 9Lives Arena, has announced that their crowdfunding campaign will launch September 12, 2018, offering backers a wide range of blockchain-based prizes and rewards. The AAA-quality game entered the blockchain scene with a bang, announcing plans to become the first blockchain game to land on Xbox and PlayStation.

ouchhour Inc., creators of upcoming PvP RPG 9Lives Arena

As an independent game developer, Touchhour will be reaching out to the blockchain and gaming communities for support in the development of 9Lives Arena. Funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign will be used to hire additional staff, develop more content, and add extra game features in a shorter time frame. With Kickstarter already a popular and widely-used platform for game development funding, Touchhour also aims to reach a mainstream gaming audience with the campaign.

“We chose Kickstarter because, as a platform, it reaches out to a wider community. In addition to crypto enthusiasts, we want to be able to reach our core target audience of competitive gamers that don’t necessarily have knowledge of crypto-backed items yet.” - Ralph Laemmche, CEO of Touchhour

The campaign is set to offer early backers a wide range of rewards, including:

  • Discounted digital copies of 9Lives Arena
  • Early alpha access at different stages of production
  • Exclusive items available only to Kickstarter backers
  • Exclusive Ooogies (to be revealed next week)
  • The chance for gamers to leave their mark on gaming history
  • Personal time with the Touchhour team
  • More to be revealed in the next three weeks

Touchhour has also stated that they will gradually reveal the full range of rewards offered through the Kickstarter campaign in weekly blog pieces.

All of 9Lives Arena’s in-game Kickstarter rewards will be backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ), giving them the full support of Enjin’s multimillion-dollar ecosystem of tools:

  • Items will be created and placed into 9Lives Arena using Enjin’s Blockchain SDK,
  • Items can be held and managed by players using the Enjin Smart Wallet,
  • Aggregated data will be fed into the game using the EnjinX blockchain explorer,
  • Advanced game mechanics will be made possible using Enjin’s robust suite of smart contracts, and
  • Ethereum’s scaling issues will be solved by Efinity, Enjin’s upcoming game-channel framework for performing highly scalable gaming transactions.


The blockchain assets offered to Kickstarter backers will be tradable peer-to-peer on decentralized item exchanges, which will in turn provide a revenue source to Touchhour in the form of transaction fees on every trade. The assets are also physicalized in the sense that they cost a nominal amount of Enjin Coin to create and are therefore made from and contain Enjin Coin. Items can be melted down, giving users the freedom to extract the ENJ from inside at any time. This feature also creates the unique economic property of diminishing item supply.

The full version of 9Lives Arena is targeted to be released in Spring 2019, but alpha and beta versions will be available for early supporters to play prior to that.

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