The ECS 5 Finals groups are locked in.

The ECS 5 Finals groups are locked in.


How the determination procedure went down

ECS 5 Finals groups We've made another and one of a kind framework, which results in the groups at last choosing the gathering of the groups. This is resolved through a determination procedure where a group picks a contender to join a contradicting gathering, beginning with the two best seeded groups, Astralis and NRG Esports.

The ECS 5 Finals groups are locked in.

Astralis avoided European opponents FaZe Clan, and place them into Group B to rival the North American best seed NRG Esports.

As indicated by HLTV, NRG Esports have never played Fnatic in a focused match, and they've continueed that detail as they put the Swedes into Group A.

ECS 5 Finals groups

Upset Clan put Team Liquid into the restricting gathering. These groups haven't conflicted since February.

Fnatic chose their European opponents G2 Esports to join Group B. The two groups exchanged passes when they looked over in the online season, each taking a guide.

G2 Esports decided the group to fill the last spot of Group An, and chose Major victors, Cloud9. The North American powerhouse were the main group to take a guide off best seed NRG amid the online season.

At last, with one group remaining, Luminosity were put into Group B to fill the rest of the opening.

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