Mega Cat Bringing Original Games for Retro Systems to PAX

Mega Cat Bringing Original Games for Retro Systems to PAX

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Mega Cat we make original games for classic systems- at PAX West this year, we’re debuting something special: Little Medusa for the SNES and Sega Genesis. This Greek mythology inspired action puzzler brings petrifying fun to your favorite 16-bit consoles.

Come visit Mega Cat Games at Booth #654– we’re also showing off Fork Parker’s Crunch Out; developed in association with Devolver Digital and Take This, Fork Parker’s Crunch Out puts you in the slacks of CFO Fork Parker, pushing employees to the edge- the game brings attention to the issue of crunch, a massive problem in the world of game development.

Little Medusa

Mega Cat Bringing Original Games for Retro Systems to PAX

Available on the NES, SNES and Sega Genesis, Little Medusa is an action puzzler that draws inspiration from Greek mythology; you play as Artemiza, a goddess-turned-gorgon in a mission to save Mount Olympus from the monstrous Titans. Solve puzzles, turn enemies to stone and uncover secrets.

Fork Parker’s Crunch Out

One of the biggest problems facing game developers is crunch and burnout- in Fork Parker’s Crunch Out for the SNES, you push employees to the edge in pursuit of profits. Raise capital! Pay interns in experience! Questionably motivate errant employees, and keep profits in the black!

Developed in association with Take This, Fork Parker’s Crunch Out aims to bring attention to the issue of crunch- along with a bit of humor.

We’ll be at Booth #654 – shoot us a reply to this e-mail to schedule an interview or for more information on our games!

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