Cats in Mechs to Join Enjin Coin-Powered Multiverse

Cats in Mechs to Join Enjin Coin-Powered Multiverse

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Cats in Mechs has announced it will join Enjin Coin’s Early Adopter Program and implement shared assets from other games as part of the new Gaming Multiverse. Megaworld Studios is also developing an Enjin Coin-powered Multiverse Marketplace that will enable developers to cross-promote and monetize each other’s games and items from within their own gaming worlds.

Cats in Mechs to Join Enjin Coin-Powered Multiverse

Cats in Mechs is described as a top-down shoot 'em up, mech-building RPG, where players will blast their way through the dystopian world of felines, leveling up and building their mechs as they go. Players will be able to buy, sell, and trade blockchain accessories to upgrade their mechs. Targeting both Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets, Megaworld Studios also plans to open the game up to the PC space after solidifying its mobile foothold. Cats in Mech aims to enable players to take their leveled up Cats in Mechs characters into other games in the Enjin Coin-Powered Multiverse, and vice versa.

Earlier this week, six games built for Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, and PC announced a major collaboration to enable sharing of in-game assets amongst their games—a concept entitled the “Gaming Multiverse.” In the Multiverse, players can own items (for example, a cannon or sword) and travel with them from game to game, using the items wherever they go. Interestingly, the assets in each game will become whatever each game’s developer chooses, so a cannon from Cats in Mechs could turn into a sword in 9Lives Arena. Powered by Enjin Coin’s blockchain development platform, all Multiverse items will be stored on the Ethereum

Megaworld Studios intends to make all of their assets usable by other game developers in the Multiverse, and as assets from other games become popular, they also plan to enable use of those items in Cats in Mechs. Each blockchain item will maintain a unique identity, history, and provenance; the prospect of these items collecting unique historical significance from the games and events they are used in could serve as a massive value proposition for players and collectors.

Megaworld Studios has spent the past few months building a Multiverse Marketplace, which will enable developers to promote and sell assets and games from the Multiverse, creating a unique ecosystem of cross-promotion and collaborative monetization, all powered by Enjin Coin.

The Multiverse Marketplace provides developers ways to intuitively connect any game built using the Enjin Coin platform. The marketplace functions using in-game analytics that track players’ playstyle and offers experiences to suit their tastes, enabling developers to suggest items both from their game and other games based on a player’s preferences.


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