Novus Res Announces Release Date for Social VR Game 26 Rob Plays

Novus Res Announces Release Date for Social VR Game 26 Rob Plays

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Novus Res has announced that their new VR party game, 26 Rob Plays, will be available for digital download for PC via the Oculus store on September 6, 2018. The pass-and-play style VR game challenges you to compete against your friends in a series of frantic mini-games, including painting abstract masterpieces, scooping ice cream, shooting aliens, and more.

Novus Res Announces Release Date for Social VR Game 26 Rob Plays

Are you the next Picasso? You probably won't find out in the Abstract Painting game, but hopefully you'll still make a masterpiece.  

"From the outset we wanted to make VR a social experience" said Luke Wilson, lead developer on 26 Rob Plays. "We wanted to bring people together using the newest technology to share their love of gaming and play, the way people do with board games and card games." With 26 Rob Plays, the developer hopes to do away with some of the antisocial stigmas video games have long fought against.

Do you scream for ice cream? Out-scoop your competition in the ice cream mini game.  

26 Rob Plays features 26 mini games in which players are challenged to complete a series of short VR tasks. The games are designed to maximize the capabilities of VR interactivity-players can go from chopping wood to dodging cannonballs to making burgers. The game supports up to eight players, each taking turns to compete for the best score on each level, and watching can be just as fun as playing. "The other players get to sit and watch as other players jump around in VR, waving their arms and legs all over the place," said Wilson. "It's hilarious."


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