EOS Knights New CryptoGame Reaches Over 1000 Players in just 3 Days!

EOS Knights Reaches Over 1000 Players in 3Days!

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EOS Knights launched the RPG Game, which runs on the EOS blockchain mainet, Despite not been easy to login the game with the EOS platform. Overcoming these challenges.EOS Knights had more than 1000 active users In just 3 days! 

EOS Knights New CryptoGame Reaches Over 1000 Players in just 3 Days!

EOS Knights is a typical idle RPG game. You can "re-birth" the knights that fall when the knights are fighting against monsters and are stunned, As the stamina and attack power become stronger, the knights can hunt more monsters at once, reaching higher floors, and hunting monsters from higher floors can get you more rarest materials. The materials that the knights get can be changed into Magic Water or combined to create items.

EOS Knights are made up of a total of three characters. Swordsman Eric, Archer Oria, Wizard Scarlet, Each player can be purchased the first one for 0.1EOS, second one for 0.2EOS, and the third one for 0.4EOS.Characters can acquire the in-game items called Magic Water by burning the materials while playing the game, and you can use Magic Water to upgrade pet gatcha and items. 

On EOS Knights, you can exchange these acquired materials and items directly into EOS within the game. This is the difference between regular RPG games and EOS Knights with the block-chain technology. With EOS Knights you can earn EOS directly by selling the materials and items you have acquired or produced in exchanges.
In the market, users can purchase items and materials needed for the game, and generate revenue from various sales strategies.

Users can play to achieve different goals, Reach high floors and you can focus on market trading to earn high profits.In just the first week after the game got released the first place in revenue ranking reached 60 EOS and the strongest player has already reached the 500th floor. Currently,

EOSKnights is only available on the web. Scatter wallet makes it easy to trade.

Website: http://scatter-eos.com

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