POSTWORLD is Hardcore Action RPG

POSTWORLD is Hardcore Action RPG

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POSTWORLD is Hardcore Action RPG where you can replace character body parts with powerful combat prostheses on the fly.

POSTWORLD is Hardcore Action RPG

You managed to escape from secret labs of ominous transnational corporation (TNC) where you were one of many subjects to inhumane experiments. Now you roam the wasteland hoping to survive and take revenge. You can join 1 of 3 factions (Cultists, Railwaymen, Slavers) and take over the wasteland. For more information visit game's Steam page. History

Idea to create post-apocalyptic Action RPG was born in 2015. Even though it attracted a lot of enthusiastic people at the beginning it still remained an idea. Somehow we managed to push it further. A lot of time was spent to choose and develop core features of the game and its common style. We decided to start full-time development in beginning of 2017. Although the game is pretty ambitious for young indie studio as ours we are moving forward to release thanks to great teamwork and community feedback


  • Non-linear story. Quests that you receive depend on what decisions you have made and whether you have joined Cultists, Slavers or Railwaymen. One will have to beat the game multiple times to see all possible endings.
  • Augmented body parts. Use powerful combat prostheses to replace weak flesh and destroy your enemies.
  • Violence. Area-based damage system allows to shoot enemies’ body parts off but losing an arm and a leg does not matter to tough wasteland dwellers...
  • Huge arsenal. We grant the player a large choice of devices to bring death and destruction with. Melee weapons, firearms, bulletproof shields, various ammo, explosives, stimulators and more!
  • Weapon customization. Weapons are fully customizable. Any part can be replaced: barrels, hand guards, sights and buttstocks of firearms, as well as handles, guards and blades of melee weapons.
  • Shields. From simple wooden bucklers that can hardly bear an axe blow, to high tech bulletproof shields equipped with built-in flamethrowers and stunning devices, they are all an essential part of equipment.
  • Global map. The wastelands are large, and the mechanics of travel between distinct game locations are inspired by the old skull RPGs.

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