Henrik Christian Drue Amongst Finalists in Millennial Esports’ Competition to “Drive an F1 Car”

Henrik Christian Drue Amongst Finalists in Millennial Esports’ Competition to “Drive an F1 Car”


TORONTO, Aug. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Millennial Esports Corp. ("Millennial" or the "Company", TSX VENTURE: GAME, OTCQB:MLLLF) today announced that Henrik Christian Drue heads the list of six finalists in the groundbreaking Gear.Club competition to drive a real Williams F1 racecar. Denmark's Dr. Drue, a radiologist by training, is one of six mobile gamers with a shot of driving the F1 car after qualifying for the final of the Gear.Club powered by Millennial Esportscompetition online. The six finalists will now be tested on a variety of racing cars at the Bedford Autodrome in the UK on September 17, from where the winner will fly directly to France to drive the Williams F1 car on the Magny Cours circuit.

Henrik Christian Drue Amongst Finalists in Millennial Esports’ Competition to “Drive an F1 Car”

"We've had an incredible response to this competition, which is the latest initiative in Millennial's strategy to fuse Esports racing and professional motorsport through a global competition model," said Millennial Esports CEO, Stephen Shoemaker. "Coming hot on the heels of our agreement with ESPN to air our first season of World's Fastest Gamer, this is an exciting time for the Company and our shareholders."

Dr. Drue has proved he is the Fastest Gamer on a mobile phone in a number of competitions, including the first season of World's Fastest Gamer powered by Millennial Esports, where he was the mobile racing representative, having qualified via Gear.Club. Drue impressed the McLaren F1 team enough with his skill in the virtual world that they made an additional simulator slot available specifically to test him further. Now his challenge is to see if his virtual skills work in the real world.

"I have been very successful in mobile racing competitions, especially on Gear.Club," stated Dr. Drue. "I found that my skills transferred well to a F1 simulator and now thanks to Millennial and Gear.Club I may even get to drive a real F1 car. It is incredible to think this is just by downloading a game for free and competing online!"

As recently announced by Millennial Esports, an innovative collaboration with ESPN, which is part of the Walt Disney Company, will see World's Fastest Gamer powered by Millennial Esports airing on the leading U.S. sports channel. Over the course of four half-hour shows specifically produced for ESPN, viewers will discover why Millennial Esports and McLaren reached into the rapidly growing world of Esports to find the best racing talent on the planet.

The first of several TV airings of World's Fastest Gamer is on Saturday, August 25 - with all four episodes shown back to back on ESPN2 and streaming on the ESPN App. The action begins at 7 a.m. ET, between live Practice 3 and live Qualifying for the Belgium Grand Prix. Each episode will also re-air a number of times throughout the remainder of 2018 and leading into the 2019 season.

"Whether you are a professional gamer, a leading surgeon, or just someone who likes motorsports, Millennial gives you real-life racing opportunities nobody else does," said Millennial Esports CMO, Darren Cox. "That is the best part about Millennial Esports' powered initiatives like World's Fastest Gamer and Drive a F1 Car - they make motor racing accessible for everyone."

On August 29 at the Bedford Autodrome racing course, on the former site of RAE Bedford, Henrik Drue and his fellow finalists will compete in five different racecars - including a Le Mans Prototype, a F3000 single seater, and a BMW M4. He will be up against five other gamers including British brothers Saidur and Hafijur Ali for the chance to race at Magny Cours. The action can be followed on Millennial Esports, Eden Games, and Gear.Club social media channels.

"When we designed Gear.Club we tried to make it as realistic as possible. I never thought I'd see one of our gamers drive an F1 car because of our game," said Eden Games CEO, David Nadal. "With Darren Cox's experience with the gamer-to-racer programme, GT Academy, we thought we would see how our mobile gamers handle the real world. If they do well, we will look to expand this experience and hold more competitions where gamers who download our game can compete to race for real."

About Millennial Esports Corp.

Millennial Esports Corp. (MEC) is a vertically integrated mobile gaming publisher leading a revolution to fuse Esports racing and professional motorsport through a global competition model. MEC is utilizing its gaming franchises and intellectual property (IP) to engage millions of new players. Combined with its virtual and live tournament platforms, gaming analytics capability, and motorsport IP - including World's Fastest Gamer - MEC is uniquely positioned to become the market leader in Esports Racing.


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