Announces LeagueSync Line of Products Customizable Tools with Alerts for Seasonal Fantasy Football Leagues Announces LeagueSync Line of Products Customizable Tools with Alerts for Seasonal Fantasy Football Leagues

rotisserie Announces LeagueSync Line of Products Customizable Tools with Alerts for Seasonal Fantasy Football Leagues

Seasonal Fantasy Football Leagues

FANDOMFARE GAMING  Fantasy Football Leagues FA Media LLC, a burgeoning sports media company and the owners of the fantasy sports company Fantasy Alarm, announced today the completion of technology that allows the synchronization of your fantasy leagues into a single “dashboard” called LeagueSync. LeagueSync provides the powerful personalization to be able to schedule alerts or content to be delivered in links or full articles with tables to your phone or email inbox. Like all other technologies from FAMedia, LeagueSync is built on a generic platform to deliver the same features for all sports and will be available for NFL in 2018 and all four major sports in 2019.

FA Media is one of the only sports companies that has a custom written content management system that can interweave personalized content and technology solutions like LeagueSync to schedule content, alerts and data delivery directly to your phone, e-mail or for display on the Fantasy Alarm website or even partner websites.

“LeagueSync is more than just reading in your league settings and customizing some numbers reports,” said Rick Wolf, President of Fantasy Alarm. “We built a synchronization system on top of a notifications system that gives the power to FANation to schedule content to be delivered to their phone or e-mail inbox or simply enjoy in the more immersive experience.”

“When we started the company, we wanted to own the phone for fantasy players and sports bettors,” said Co-Founder Dan Williams. “With our content scheduler, LeagueSync, custom CMS, detailed sports-related statistical tools and a highly analytical team of sports experts, we can own the phone for seasonal fantasy football and soon sports bettors as we do for daily fantasy sports players.” Fantasy Football Leagues

LeagueSync is trademark property of FAMedia LLC.

About FA Media LLC

FA Media, LLC is a multi-layered media company with its flagship digital property,, being the premier one-stop shop for both seasonal and daily fantasy sports players. Fantasy Alarm features best-in-class content, personalization, and interactivity. Our commitment to quality has won us many industry awards including Best Mobile App, Best Daily Fantasy Sports Tool & Content, Most Innovative Fantasy Product & Best Radio Show. FA Media has partnerships with Yahoo!, Sporting News, The New York Post, Rotowire and many others in the fantasy sports space. FA Media has a leadership position in the $7B+ industry.

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