Flat Heroes Demo & Release Infos

Flat Heroes Demo & Release Infos

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Flat Heroes Demo & Release Infos

Flat Heroes Demo & Release Infos

gaming at a glance   - Deck13 and Parallel Circles are proud to announce that the amazing Flat Heroes will release on Nintendo Switch™ and PC on 2nd August. With the upcoming release we are also proud to announce that a playable Demo will be released on the Nintendo Switch as well.

The playable demo is already available in North America and will release together with the main game in the rest of the world.

About Deck13:
Founded in 2001, Deck13 Interactive is a leading German game developer and publisher with more than 60 employees across its Frankfurt and Hamburg studios. The company has developed more than 20 titles - including major releases such as Lords of the Fallen. In 2014, the Deck13 Games label was created to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. Deck13 Games aids developers in production, localization, quality assurance, public relations, and distribution. So far, the company has helped bring more than 10 titles to market.

About Parallel Circles:
Founded in 2016, after a few years working for the big guys (TTGames) the components of Parallel Circles decided to leave the premier league to start a new adventure on their own, giving their projects the polishing, care and love that the AAA industry can rarely deliver.


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