Catalonia will promote the implementation of the 'blockchain' technology 

Crypto In the News: Catalonia will promote the implementation of the ‘blockchain’ technology

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Crypto In the News

Catalonia will promote the implementation of the 'blockchain' technology

Catalonia will be a pioneer in the implementation of this technology

  •     The Government will also promote the potential of this technology among companies and citizens
  •     It is agreed to create an interdepartmental working group that will have the strategy completed on December 31 to begin applying it next year  


Crypto In the News The Catalonia Government has approved to promote the implementation of the 'blockchain' technology in the activity of the Public Administration with the aim of improving digital services to the public and promoting the potential of this technology between the Administration, companies and the citizenship In this way, Catalonia will become a pioneer in the adoption of a country strategy to promote the 'blockchain' technology.
The Department of Digital Policies will have to develop the impulse plan for the 'blockchain' technology before December 31 to start developing it next year. This strategic plan, which will be defined in the framework of an interdepartmental working group, will identify the areas of activity in which this technology can develop the maximum potential and will include the economic evaluation that would be derived from its implementation. From here, the cases of use will be specified.
Today's agreement aims to position Catalonia as a leader in the use and development of 'blockchain', a technology that will be decisive and impact in all sectors and industries. The aim is to promote knowledge, training and the creation of talent in the field of 'blockchain' technology, promote research and innovation in this field; Encourage the development of a new industry around it and promote among the citizens the possibilities and potentialities of this technology to facilitate their adoption.
The agreement of today highlights the initiatives aimed at promoting the 'blockchain' technology that the Secretariat of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and the Digital Society has already set in motion within the framework of the SmartCat strategy, such as the momentum of the international event Blockchain Solutions World with Fira de Barcelona and BECON Global and the prioritization of the Blockchain technology in the framework of the Research and Innovation program in advanced digital technologies, as well as the projects for the deployment of this technology that are taking place at Term in various areas of the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Blockchain: more trust, transparency and security
A 'blockchain' (block chain) is a distributed database that allows you to keep records of transactions permanently, immutable and safely. By using cryptographic keys and being distributed among thousands of nodes, it has many advantages in terms of security, traceability and trust.
In short, a technology with the potential to modify, on a global scale, the way in which traditional digital services are provided to the public sectors, to industries and to the public.
The implementation of 'blockchain' technology in the Administration opens up a range of opportunities that must be explored in order to establish a country strategy that prioritises the areas of application and the evaluation of its impact at the organizational, economic and technological level .


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