YAGER is announcing its new game: The Cycle

YAGER is announcing its new game: The Cycle

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YAGER is announcing its new game: The Cycle

Players are invited to register for the first closed alpha test

YAGER is announcing its new game: The Cycle

Berlin, July 20th 2018. YAGER, an independent game studio known for titles like Spec Ops: The Line and Dreadnought, today announces its new game The Cycle, a unique match-based FPS in a science fiction universe.

With The Cycle YAGER introduces the Competitive Quester, a new genre of PvEvP shooter with a strong focus on emergent social dynamics. “These social dynamics add a special twist to the game,” explains Timo Ullmann, Managing Director YAGER. “Players strive to achieve objectives while making and breaking temporary alliances. Anyone can attack anyone, and anyone can ally with anyone. Players can be cooperative and competitive at the same time. So, if you meet new players on your way, anything can happen.”

In The Cycle the explored galaxy is controlled by massive Factions, but the mysterious outer reaches are still up for grabs. In their race to control these frontier resources, the Factions need contractors to do their dirty work. Each player is one of these contractors, competing for objectives such as collecting minerals or hunting wildlife while being careful to avoid or take down the competition.

As of today, players can register for a chance to be invited to the closed alpha test on www.thecycle.game. The closed alpha will start in early August on Steam. The Cycle alpha participants will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the development team and will therefore actively contribute to the game’s development through early testing.

Founded in 1999 in the heart of Berlin, YAGER is one of the gaming veterans of AAA development. The award-winning studio is dedicated to the creation of vivid and meaningful multi-platform gaming experiences. The YAGER team comprises gaming enthusiasts, technical experts and creative minds from across the world who all share a passion for great action games. YAGER is recognized for its gripping military shooter Spec Ops: The Line and Dreadnought, a team-based F2P PvP spaceship shooter.

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