Mamba To Introduce An Extraordinaryberry Retro Video Game At The First Ever Mamba-Con In San Diego On July 20 And 21

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Mamba To Introduce An Extraordinaryberry Retro Video Game At The First Ever Mamba-Con In San Diego On July 20 And 21

Fans can experience the world of Mamba Fruit Chews while playing to save Mamba World from the evil Anti-Fruit and his Minions in the Adventures of Mamba World Video Game


Mamba To Introduce An Extraordinaryberry Retro Video Game At The First Ever Mamba-Con In San Diego On July 20 And 21

SAN DIEGOJuly 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mamba Fruit Chews is bringing next-level fun to San Diego this summer with the launch of its extraordinaryberry video game, Adventures in Mamba World. The retro-inspired game will debut at the first ever Mamba-Con, a Mamba style convention and pop-up experience, where fans can play the video game live with classic controllers and enjoy a hands-on Mamba-filled adventure. Mamba-Con will be hosted by Mambot and his Hero Squad including his loyal pet, Berry the toaster. Fans who miss out IRL (in real life) can still jump into the action and enjoy the fruity-chewy excitement by playing the game online at

In Adventures in Mamba World, gamers will run, jump and go right through four levels: Fruit Land, Sour Land, Tropic Land and the Boss Battle. Along the way, they can collect power-ups like the Coconut Cannon, Raspberry Rocket and Sour Shield, and they can explore the secret Cherry Portal. Each power-up helps players defend Mamba World against the evil Anti-Fruit and his minions. If a player collects enough Mamba Fruit Chews to fill their Mamba Meter, they will be joined by Mambot who will stop the minions from invading Mamba World and help defeat the evil Anti-Fruit in the final Boss Battle level of the game.

"Mamba is all about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinaryberry. We do this by Mambafying our audience's interest and experiences in art, technology, and culture," said Laurence Cormier, marketing manager, Mamba Fruit Chews. "We Mambafied our fans' interest in gaming and pop culture by creating Adventures in Mamba World. As a brand that fuels creativity and inventiveness, we see the game and the colorful, playful World of Mamba-Con in San Diego as an opportunity to reach and connect with the most engaged gaming and pop-culture fans."

Mamba-Con attendees will receive an exclusive badge for entry to the event, as well as awesome swag. In addition to playing Adventures in Mamba World live, fans will also be able to interact with Mambot and enjoy Mamba Fruit Chews. Gamers will compete to have their high score featured on the live leaderboard, and those who defeat Anti-Fruit in the Boss Battle level will also receive a one-of-a-kind t-shirt.

Mamba-Con will be located at the corner of 5th and Broadway and fans can line up to get into the pop-up convention starting Friday, July 20, at 9 a.m. Fans will have the opportunity to attend Mamba-Con through Saturday, July 21. The experience will close daily at 8 p.m.

The Adventures in Mamba World game will be available online at through 2018. Gamers can track top scores through the online leader board and see the game's best avatars by viewing the community gallery.

For more information, updates and a chance to win super Mamba-Con swag, chews Mamba on FacebookInstagramand Twitter and visit us at


Mamba Fruit Chews are a delicious fruity treat in four juicy flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon and Orange, as well as tangy Sour Strawberry, Sour Raspberry, Sour Lemon and Sour Orange. The product is also available in four tropical flavors: Pineapple-Coconut, Peach-Passionfruit, Apple-Kiwi, and Mango-Orange. Mamba Fruit Chews have a long-lasting sweetness guaranteed to keep you chewing and chewing.


Mambot is a Mamba-powered robot programmed for creativity. When he's not busy with arts and crafts, he's hanging with his loyal pet, Berry the toaster. Mambot makes all kinds of things all kinds of fun while Berry turns bread into toast.

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