Nemesis Bundle 8 - Top Steam discounts that your rivals will envy!

Nemesis Bundle 8 – Top Steam discounts that your rivals will envy!

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Nemesis Bundle 8 - Top Steam discounts that your rivals will envy!

Nemesis Bundle 8 - Top Steam discounts that your rivals will envy!

13 Steam games & one DLC, saving over $150
Thursday, July 18th, 2018  - 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm BST – Stay one step ahead of your gaming enemies, and friends, with the jam-packed Nemesis Bundle 8!

The Nemesis Bundle 8 is available exclusively from Fanatical ( Starting from just $1, you can choose from three tiers of great Steam games, with a total saving of over $150. Plus, eight of the games are appearing in a bundle for the first time.

With an average Steam rating of 80%, this curated collection includes the psychological thriller True Fear: Forsaken Souls, bundled for the first time. Experience an eerie blend of puzzles, hidden objects and an intense atmosphere as you search for clues via fun and intuitive gameplay mechanics.

If supernatural horror is more your thing, prepare for terrifying encounters in DreadOut, included in our top tier alongside DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC and DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark. Guide Linda, a high school student trapped in an abandoned town, through various puzzles and heart-pumping encounters with nightmarish creatures.

Explore futuristic-type dungeons and fend off deadly armoured robots in the competitive sci-fi shooter Deployment, rated 98% on Steam. Capture and defend System turrets to gain a tactical advantage over enemies and upgrade your classes to become an unstoppable killing machine, quite literally!

Also included in this bundle are 80% ‘Very Positive’ Steam-rated ship blaster Windward, chaotic local co-op action shooter Super Mutant Alien Assault, horde-slaying, roguelike dungeon-crawler Dungeon Souls, and the 91% ‘Very Positive’ Steam rated FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 for the racing fans out there.

Every Steam key in Nemesis Bundle 8 is officially licensed, so why not reward the hard-working developers and treat yourself at the same time, with up to 13 awesome games at insanely low prices.

Nemesis Bundle 8, which also includes 9 games with Steam Trading Cards, is available until August 1st at 12am PST - so be sure to grab this bundle and get ready for the supernatural thrills, gory spills and numerous alien kills!


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