Gaming at a glance; Fortune & Gloria Release Date Announced

Gaming at a glance; Fortune & Gloria Release Date Announced

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Gaming at a glance; Fortune & Gloria Release Date Announced


The release date for Fortune & Gloria on Steam has been announced by the developers

Gaming at a glance; Fortune & Gloria Release Date Announced

Gaming at  a glance   Fortune & Gloria UK based independent games developer Bad Logic Studios are pleased to announce that the release date for their upcoming action platformer game Fortune & Gloria on Steam will be July 24 2018.

Fortune & Gloria follows the elite soldiers Nate 'Fortune' Cobb and Gloria Guerrero as they go on missions to rescue hostages, take out the bad guys and blow stuff up!


Fortune & Gloria includes both singleplayer and local co-op play modes. In co-op, you and a friend sit together on the couch to blow stuff up. In singleplayer, you can switch between characters and command your AI ally to either wait behind or follow you into action.

Mission levels are procedurally generated, giving players unlimited re-playability. Players will fight their way through environments such as snow, desert and urban, and face off against enemies like gangs, gun runners and terrorists, as they rescue hostages and put money in the bank for their retirement fund.

If players want to get a taste of what the game entails, there is a demo available on the Steam store page which includes an unlimited number of procedurally generated levels in the urban environment. Look for the "Download Demo" button:


For more information on the game and the developer, follow @badlogicstudios and #fortuneandgloria on Twitter or visit


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