Team Dignitas earn their Season 5 World Championship medals

Esports At A Glanc; Team Dignitas earn their Season 5 World Championship medals


Esports At A Glance:

Team Dignitas earn their Season 5 World Championship medals

Team Dignitas earn their Season 5 World Championship medals


Esports At A Glance Team Dignitas The RLCS Season 5 World Championship was out and out remarkable. Fans from around the globe took to London to witness Team Dignitas win their Season 5 World Championship awards and cement themselves as the best group in all of Rocket League Esports. Kaydop, ViolentPanda and Turbopolsa are the primary group ever to win consecutive RLCS World Championships, and with this program proceeding with their predominance, the inquiry, is would anyone be able to oust them?


The voyage that Dignitas took through the lower section prompted a rematch in the Grand Finals against the North American powerhouse, NRG Esports - where GarrettG and Fireburner were set for assert their first World Championship title. With a stunning execution from RLCS new kid on the block, JSTN, and the very late objective heard far and wide, NRG versus Dignitas will go down in RLCS history as a standout amongst the most energizing finals ever and THE arrangement of Rocket League that all esports fan should watch!

The end of the week gave us a portion of the best plays in the historical backdrop of Rocket League Esports, yet Team 104 and the whole London group will probably go down as the best jam in Rocket League Esports (until the following one). The group never quit cheering and droning all through the whole end of the week in London.

What the London swarm conveyed to the World Championship is the exemplification of what we endeavor to accomplish with Rocket League Esports. We're altogether associated by our affection for the diversion and each occasion is a steady festival of what unites every one of us. Rocket League is genuinely exceptional and there is no better exemplification of what makes it extraordinary than the network that went along with us this end of the week.

From the whole Psyonix group, THANK YOU, to the players, families, and all fans who showed up this end of the week to influence the Copper To confine a life-changing occasion our history. Congrats to the RLCS Season 5 World Champions Team Dignitas and the World Championship MVP Kaydop!

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