Tech at A Glance Amazon plans smart television, TV service

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Tech at A Glance Amazon plans smart television, TV service


Tech at A Glance Amazon plans smart television, TV service is planning a smart television set and its own TV service, according to London's Telegraph.

The set is being confidentially tested by DTG, which maintains technical standards in the UK's digital terrestrial broadcasts, according to the report. It's being built by a set of Chinese manufacturers including Huawei.

The set, as you might expect, would have a Freeview tuner along with Prime Video and the Alexa voice assistant along for the ride.

Meanwhile, "multiple" sources in broadcast say fees Amazon offered to join a TV service were significantly below market rate. The behemoth had little traction trying to attract channels like the BBC to an expanded Prime Video offering before.

Amazon is setting up the following period of its compensation TV assault on Sky with plans to release its own keen TV and elbow its way into more homes.

The TV, created close by a gathering of Chinese producers including Huawei, is as a rule secretly tried by DTG, the industry body that keeps up Britain's advanced earthbound communicated specialized gauges.

Amazon has swung to communicate innovation after its endeavors to change over its membership gushing administration Prime Video into a practical contrasting option to satellite or link pay-TV failed.

It neglected to pull in standard channels from the BBC and others, leaving Prime Video unfit to poach clients from Sky and opponent Virgin Media



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