Fortune & Gloria Demo Released

Fortune & Gloria Demo Released

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Fortune & Gloria Demo Released

Demo version of upcoming action platformer game Fortune & Gloria released on Steam ahead of full version


Fortune & Gloria Demo Released

Coventry, UK, July 16, 2018: UK based independent games developer Bad Logic Studios have released a demo version of their upcoming action platformer game Fortune & Gloria on Steam today ahead of the release of the full version.

Fortune & Gloria is described as an action platformer where you and a friend (optional) save the day in procedurally generated missions! The developers invite players to “Grab your trusty assault rifle, a handful of grenades, and join Nate 'Fortune' Cobb and Gloria Guerrero on a mission to rescue hostages, take out the bad guys and blow stuff up!”

In the demo you can play unlimited procedurally generated missions, but with fewer variants than the full game offers and with a few other differences, namely:

  • Singleplayer only instead of Singleplayer and Local CoOp
  • 1 environment, instead of 5 environments
  • 1 enemy unit from 1 group, instead of 25 in 5 groups

The demo is available on the Steam store page, just look for the "Download Demo" button:

An announcement regarding the release date of Fortune & Gloria is expected next week.

For more information on the game and the developer, follow @badlogicstudios and #fortuneandgloria on Twitter or visit




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