Distrobution Release: ARCOLINUX-D-B KIRK RELEASE 6.9

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Distrobution Release: ARCOLINUX-D-B KIRK RELEASE 6.9



ARCOLINUX-D-B KIRK ArcoLinux wants to get back to our initial goal to stay around 2 Gigabyte as size for the ArcoLinux iso.

It is our vision to give you the means to install ANY desktop environment :

  • ArcoLinux – Xfce, Openbox and i3
  • ArcoLinuxD – with scripts and the ArcoLinuxD iso
  • ARCOLINUX-D-B KIRK ArcoLinuxB – build your personal iso or download what we build


ArcoLinux 6.9.1 was pre-announced earlier this week, but the main Xfce edition was only made available yesterday. From the release announcement: "We decided to trim down our ISO images and remove elements we either don't use or which might be considered a security liability. You can install them if you want them after the installation of the ISO image. Our goal is to stay around 2 gigabytes for the ArcoLinux ISO image. Improvements: new logo has been included in the logos of the conkies; font display has been improved and resized to 11; added VMware configuration file to include 1920x1080 resolution; Neofetch has been upgraded from v4 to v5, we follow the official configuration and change it to our own ArcoLinux configuration; 000- script to use all cores now also includes 6 cores; new alias vbm to mount the Public folder when on VirtualBox; old alias 'update' is now 'sudo pacman -Syyu'.

download ArcoLinux (live DVD with Xfce, Openbox and i3) and ArcoLinuxD (the project's minimalist, but customisable variant): arcolinux-v6.9.1-2018.07.11.iso (1,986MB, pkglist),


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