Black Cactus Global Investor Update

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Black Cactus Global Investor Update


Black Cactus Global Investor Update

 Black Cactus Global (OTCQB:BLGI) (the “Company”) is pleased to provide shareholders and investors with an overview of the Blockchain market landscape and a summary of recent company activities.

Tech experts from every sector are predicting that Blockchain technology will underpin all future transactions of value. Anticipating those developments, Black Cactus Global is building one of the largest and most talented teams of blockchain developers in the industry.

In Market News, Saudi Arabia’s central bank launched a pilot program to settle payments using blockchain software and IBM is now working with six banks in Europe looking at Blockchain solutions to streamline global trade and identity verification. Further, in the recent annual meeting of TD Bank, President Bharat Masrani stated they were experimenting with where Blockchain technology could apply to their business, particularly for improvement in trade finance and international payments.

Support for investment into Blockchain was recently voiced by Billionaire Tech venture capitalist, Tim Draper. In an interview on April 12thwith the San Mateo Daily Journal Mr. Draper delivered an unwavering endorsement for both cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and Blockchain Technology, stating “The Blockchain is one of the most transformational technologies that has happened in the history of the world.” Draper predicts that Blockchain will transform finance, healthcare and many other industries.

Black Cactus Global Company Chairman Harp Sangha along with the Board of Directors recently completed a five-week multi-continent corporate presentation tour within North America, Asia and Western Europe.  A significant number of business presentations were delivered to a variety of organizations in the Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Logistics and NGO sectors.  Your Company leaders, their corporate development know-how and business proposals were well received at every presentation.

As a result, four organizations of significant size, all leaders in their sectors, have now requested detailed proposals from Black Cactus for Blockchain solutions capable of supporting substantial portions of their operations. The Company staff is now producing the requested materials and it is expected that the proposals will be delivered over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

Harp Sangha commented, “We are very excited with the reception we have received.  There is significant demand for Blockchain solutions that are cost effective, efficient and hyper-secure across a wide array of industries. The proposals which we are about to submit will potentially generate substantial revenue.”

The company has also accepted the resignation of Lawrence Cummins as CDO effective immediately.

About the Company

Black Cactus Global is a technology development company with a focus on Blockchain, machine learning and the Internet of Things.  We partner with large corporations and specialised groups on global development and consulting projects in our key development areas of Fintech, digital media, financial services, cyber security, and healthcare.

Our mission is to pioneer the application of Blockchain and overlapping technologies to protect IP and the security of data and financial transactions.

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