Hunting Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch

Hunting Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch

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Hunting Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch


The First Hunting Game on Nintendo SwitchTMis Now Available


Hunting Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch

Hunting Simulator Lesquin, July 13, 2018 - Bigben and Maximum Games today announce that Hunting Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch™.


Hunting Simulator delivers a complete immersion into the wild, as well as adventures into the heart of iconic hunting regions like the mountains of Colorado, the forests of France and the snowy plains of Alaska. Each area has its own unique characteristics of geography, climate, topography, etc., as well as specific hunting objectives. Players complete these objectives while tracking numerous kinds of prey precisely modeled with realistic behaviors.

View the launch trailer here.

Main Features: Hunting Simulator

  • One of the most essential hunting-games with 37 species of animals set in 12 vast hunting areas.
  • Hundreds of objectives across three game modes: campaign, free hunt, and shooting practice.
  • All the necessaries for hunting: 17 different weapons, several under license from Browning® and Winchester®, including crossbows and long bows, as well as lures, hunting calls and wind indicators. For the first time, the ability to use a drone in a hunting game to survey the environment and your surroundings.

Hunting Season is now available on Nintendo Switch™

Visit the official website at:

Hunting Simulator             @bigbengames              Bigben Games

Hunting Simulator 

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