Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale Launches Early Access

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale Launches Early Access

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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale Launches Early Access

Since 2015, an indie studio has built their dream first person competitive BR title

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale Launches Early Access

Miami, July 12 2018 - In 2015, the founders of Define Human Studios began with nothing more than their wits and an idea of the Battle Royale that they wanted to play.  Today, on July 12th, they are ready to invite the rest of the world to join in game on Steam Early Access with a US$ 24.99 , €20.99 price tag, the game will offer solos, duos, and squads game modes, with custom game modes inbound.  Fast-paced action awaits players in this newest addition to the genre, as Islands of Nyne brings a core of pure competition and engaging skill-based gameplay to drive contestants toward victory.

Dropping into a mystifying science fiction world, players will battle through monuments of human history recreated by an ancient alien race in massive terraformed biodomes.  Within “The Dome,” the current 4 km by 4 km map has undergone incredible updates to scenery and landscape. Age-old Roman architecture, remnants of alien structures, and luxuriously adorned mansions all now embellish the backdrop of player conflict throughout each match.  Perhaps even more exciting, the new pregame lobby areas provide anything from parkour playrooms to zero-g combat. Truly, there is something new to be found by all players from match start to finish.

Gameplay Trailer:

Press Kit:

Launch Day Game Features will include:

  • Character customizations

  • A full Elo ranking system

  • Learnable recoil patterns

  • Adaptive match pacing featuring dynamic staging

  • In-game currency for purchasing crates

  • Leaderboards with comprehensive match statistics

  • 4km x 4km playable map, the first of three maps

  • New pre-queue warm up area

  • New healing and revive changes

  • New injured but not dead defensive gameplay

  • Surveillance drones that offer exclusive meds and other items when shot down

  • Further development additions are all included with the original game purchase


Servers launch worldwide at 3PM Eastern, 7PM GMT, July 12 2018.


ABOUT Define Human Studios LLC

Define Human is a kickstarter-funded independent game development studio headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our team is comprised of professionals from around the world who bring experience from a number of other game studios and projects.  At its heart, our studio is driven by individuals who live and breathe gaming, and that is reflected in the quality of gameplay that encourages the ever-growing interest in this team’s premiere title.

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