Scientific Linux 6.10  i386/x86_64 

Distrobution Release: Scientific Linux 6.10 i386/x86_64

Linux Distribution

Distrobution Release: Scientific Linux 6.10 i386/x86_64

Scientific Linux 6.10  i386/x86_64 


reported the accessibility of Scientific Linux 6.10, the last form of the Red Hat-based conveyance's heritage branch, bolstered until November 2020: "Logical Linux 6.10 i386/x86_64. As indicated by the upstream lifecycle control, 6.10 is required to be the last arrival of EL6, with just essential security errata or basic bug fixes going ahead. It would be ideal if you run yum clean lapse store. Significant Differences from SL 6.9: sl-discharge - refreshed to utilize the 6.10 vaults; OpenAFS - refreshed to Changed contrasted with Enterprise 6: httpd - changed the default index.html to evacuate upstream's marking; Plymouth - expelled the red hues for content mode; redhat-logos - changed every trademarked symbol and pictures from upstream, changed styles of things, for example, foundation, GDM and KDM to change the tradedress style; Anaconda - include the Scientific Linux introduce classes, DVD introduces don't request the system except if required; redhat-rpm-config - changed to perceive Scientific Linux as an Enterprise Linux; xorg-x11-server - changed to evacuate TUV's help URL

According to the upstream lifecycle guide, 6.10 is expected to be the
final release of EL6 with only important security errata or critical bug
fixes going forward.

Please run:  yum clean expire-cache

Full release notes at


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