Muddledash joins the party on Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam TODAY!

Muddledash joins the party on Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam TODAY!

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Muddledash joins the party on Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam TODAY!

Be the life and soul of the party with one of the most hectic fun-filled local multiplayer games to date!

Muddledash joins the party on Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam TODAY!

PQube (London, UK) July 10th, 2018 – Muddledash joins the party PQube is happy to announce that the ultimate competitive party game Muddledash is out TODAY on Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam (Steam version will unlock at 6pm UK time).

The game is available to purchase right now on Nintendo Switch and Steam at the price of £4.79/€4.99/$5.99Steam users can grab a 10% saving on their Muddledash purchase for the entirety of launch week, so don’t miss out!

Steam users can also immerse themselves in even more Muddledash party fun with the Muddledash Official Soundtrack, available today for£3.99/$4.99/€3.99 and for the entirety of launch week, can save 15%!

Muddledash joins the party

“The silliest racing game of the year”
God is a Geek

"Cute dose of fun"
The Insatiable Gamer

"Pure unadulterated fun"

Best Multiplayer Game Winner
Brazil's Independent Games Festival

Prepare to experience the most glorious competition the world has ever seen: one shiny present, up to 4 scrambling podes, a selection of sweet hats and a relentless race for the right to party!

You can’t possibly show up to the party without bearing gifts, that’d be rude, but with only one present among you, someone’s about to be out of luck! Don your best party hat and speed across an endless variety of levels, as you battle for possession of the present and race against your friends in a mad scramble to be the first to the party bearing gifts.

Get to the party – race against your friends in 4-player local multiplayer!
Dress to impress – express yourself by donning a range of delightful hats!
Squid Fights – kick, boop, slap and jump your way to be the king of the party!
Infinite variety – levels generate dynamically each round, you'll never play the same race twice!

Muddle Dash arrives at the party on Nintendo Switch and Steam today!

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